Price: SGD275
Estimated Duration: 1 hr

This module would help participants to learn more on the fundamentals of Business Impact Analysis (BIA), the 3rdphase of the BCM planning methodology, so as to successfully implement the BCM planning process.

Participants will be taught the basic concepts and processes in BIA where they’ll learn the steps, activities and outcomes of the BIA phase through online learning. They will be taught to understand the various BIA data collection method and analyse the data collected.

Participants will also be taught how to identify critical business functions (CBF), related inter- dependencies and vital records. They will also be taught how to identify the impact to business and CBFs during a disaster.

At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the critical business functions in their organisation
  • Establish recovery windows, including time sensitive processes
  • Understand the impact to the organisation and critical business functions whether it be qualitative or quantitative
  • Identify the inter-dependencies and vital records relation to the critical business functions.
Participants would be awarded a Certificate of CompIetion.