Price: SGD 800 [Before SSG Funding]

Estimated Duration for Module 1: 8 hr and 2 hr [assessment]

This course is part of a  joint initiative by BCM Institute and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). It is the second in a three-part series of SSG WSQ BCM courses. This second WSQ business continuity management (BCM) course is a follow-up to the assessing risk and business impact requirement course. This course teaches participants the know-how to develop business continuity strategies and plans. It is thus a pre-requisite to complete the BCM-310 course before registering for it.

As part of the syllabus for developing business continuity strategies and plans, participants would be taught competencies of:

  • acquiring facilitation techniques to support the development of organisational business continuity strategies
  • interpreting the strategies
  • developing business continuity plans
  • recommending refinement techniques to the developed strategies and plans