Price: SGD 800 [Before SSG Funding]
Estimated Duration for Module 1: 8 hr and 2 hr [assessment]

This course is part of a joint initiative by BCM Institute and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). It is the first in a three-part series SSG WSQ BCM courses. This first WSQ business continuity management (BCM) course teaches participants the know-how of assessing risk [RAR] and business impact requirements [BIA].

The course covers the first 2 fundamental steps in implementing a BCM plan. This course on assessing risk and business impact requirements would allow participants to gain WSQ competency in identifying critical business functions (CBF). Besides CBF, participants will also be able to understand how to assess a business unit inter-dependency. Other competencies they will be able to pick up include:

  • analysing and quantifying internal and external risks
  • reviewing and assessing risk
  • reporting risk factors findings
  • impact analysis
  • solution recommendations and/or mitigating strategies to relevant stakeholders

On completion of this module by oral and written assessment, you will be awarded a "Statement of Attainment" or SOA from SkillsFuture Singapore.