Price: SGD275
Estimated Duration: 1 hr

Participants will be given a broad introduction to the business continuity management (BCM) as an organisational discipline.

The need for BCM is first established followed by an overview of the BCM planning methodology. Each phase of the methodology is explained together with the de facto standard for BCM, ISO 22301.

Key terminologies are defined and examples of business continuity situations are provided to reinforce understanding.

At the end of the module, participants would be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of BCM
  • Align BCM initiatives to Top Management's goals
  • Identify the benefits and key success factors of BCM - Understand main clauses in ISO 22031 Standard
  • Identify the BCM Planning Methodology, framework and phases in the BCM Planning cycle.

Participants would be awarded a Certificate of CompIetion.