Operational Resilience is an organization’s ability to detect, prevent, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions and maturity to continue providing business services in situations of adverse operational events.

These courses are designed for professionals who are keen on knowing OR (Planner Level) and implementing the components of the OR Framework (Specialist) to the Managing of the PR Programme within the organization (Expert Level).

Price: SGD 1,650 (Singapore Dollar)  

This Operational Resilience (OR) Fundamentals package is ideal for a new OR practitioner who would like to know the end-to-end process of how to start an Operational Resilience program for their organization as well as maintain it once it has been implemented.  This is a workshop-facilitated online module.

It will take them through modules on:

  • Overview of Operational Resilience
  • Update on Regulatory Positions
  • Operational Resilience Framework, Principles, and Cycle
  • Types of operational disruptions and important business
  • services
  • Impact tolerances and mapping operational resilience
  • inter-dependencies across the organization
  • Types of scenario testing
Participants would be awarded an Operational Resilience (OR) Certified Planner (ORCP) Certificate upon completion of the Module 1 course and passing the ORCP exam.

Price: SGD 2,400 (Singapore Dollar)  

Estimated Duration: Lapse period of 2 weeks 

Attending the course will provide the participants with the relevant skills and knowledge, empowering them to:

  • Build an Operational Resilience Programme
  • Recognize and analyse types of operational disruptions
  • Identify important business services
  • Set appropriate impact tolerances for important business services
  • Map operational resilience across the organization
  • Perform scenario testing
  • Communicate operational resilience plans effectively

Price: SGD 2,400 (Singapore Dollars)  

Estimated Duration: Lapse period of 4 weeks

Plan and Manage an Operational Resilience Program

Attending the course will provide the participants with the relevant skills and knowledge, empowering them to implement these critical components of an operational resilience program.  The core components include:

  • Plan and develop the OR Implementation
  • Business Continuity, Crisis and Incident Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital, Data and Cyber Resilience
  • Communication and Change Management
  • Security and Facility Management
  • Operational Risk Management

Price: SGD 3,850 (Singapore Dollar)  

Estimated Duration: Lapse period of 8 weeks

Implement Operational Resilience Framework

This course will enable the participants to be equipped with following core implementation steps:

  • Governance
  • Business Services
  • Impact Tolerance
  •  Mapping and Resources
  • Internal and External Communication to stakeholders
  • Scenario Testing
  • Lesson Learnt
  • Self-assessment